Our history

Since the



In Binissalem Ca’n Fumat is synonymous with wine. Joan Garcias Company was the first winemaker in the family.

As early as the 19th century it was already making red wine from the raw material of its own vineyards and those of the illustrious son of Binissalem, Gabriel Llabrés Quintana, “catedrático Llabrés”, who owned the property.

His sons Miquel and Andreu continued with this harvest and produced wines in the cellar of Can Jan and in the house of Can Maria, the latter in the municipality of Consell.

Nowadays, at Ca’n Fumat we make a limited production of handcrafted wine from grapes from our own vineyards in Can Caleu, es Verger, es Figueral and sa Quarterada, all of them in the municipality of Binissalem.

The preservation of local varieties is part of our way of understanding the present, which is why we make our wines with the native varieties Manto Negro, Moll (or prensal blanco) and Callet.

We also have a small number of plants of the Syrah variety, which blends perfectly with our Manto Negro.

Can Caleu

The estate that best represents the essence of the Can Fumat winery. Its soil is made up of red clays with gravel and calcareous stones (“call Vermell”). This combination makes it ideal for the growing of the local Manto Negro grape variety, the only one used in the early days of the Can Fumat family for wine production.

Sa Quarterada

The red clays are complemented by white clays (“blanquer”), the dominant clays on this estate which, together with the adjoining estate “Es Figueral”, is the largest of the Can Fumat winery’s estates. This soil, which retains moisture and nutrients, makes it especially suitable for the local white grape variety Moll (Prensal Blanco). This is where Can Fumat’s white and rosé wines are born.

 Es Verger

Between the “call Vermell” and the “blanquer” we arrive at the estate of es Verger. A pink-coloured surface, with the optimum nutrients and drainage to guarantee the correct growth of the grapes and, therefore, an excellent raw material for the production of the best wine.