Our wines

The result of our work, effort and dedication allows us to showcase these three wines: the white wine Maisurt, the red wine made with the local variety Manto Negro and, finally, Xalest, a single-varietal rosé from Callet.


White wine made with the local red varieties Callet and Manto Negro, the most common in the area. The result of what our ancestors from Binissalem, would have described as an outrage (Maisurtada): the desire to produce a white wine with red grapes.

Can Fumat – «Manto negro»

The wine that best identifies our character. Made exclusively with the local Manto Negro grape variety, we offer this wine that combines all the characteristics of the red wines covered by the Binissalem DO with the unique touch that we give in our winemaking process.


From the native Callet variety we obtain a rosé wine with the special characteristics of aroma and flavour that this grape gives. Excellent with pasta dishes, cheeses, vegetables and white meats. Also, as an apéritif.

Special edition Luis Maraver

With the Callet and Syrah varieties, we have crafted this wine, which features a creation by Luis Maraver on its label. It stands out for its freshness, long finish on the palate, and a touch of vanilla due to aging in French oak barrels.

Can Fumat – «Moll»

With the Moll grape, also known as Prensal Blanc, we present this single-variety white wine protected by the DO Binissalem. Subtle aromas, refreshing acidity, and a silky texture with a long and balanced finish.

Can Fumat – «Negre»

A blend of Manto Negro and Syrah. Cherry red color of medium intensity. Fresh aromas of red fruits like plum and mulberries with a hint of balsamic herbs. The palate entry is fresh with light tannins that invite you to take another sip. The finish is long, with a touch of vanilla from aging in French oak barrels.